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New track. Different Style. Free download. Enjoy.

WNDRLND First track showcasing my revamped sound. Enjoy the free download! soundcloud.com/official-conundrum/wndrlnd

My new track "Blastin'" is coming November 30th on TRXX Records (Plasmapool imprint)!




Have a great weekend folks!

I had a lot of fun making this song a few months ago, and I thought that someone here might enjoy hearing it. Let me know what you think:
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Frenzy Like the track? Click the [↻ Repost] button! https://twitter.com/Sonic_Voyager https://www.facebook.com/SonicVoyager soundcloud.com/sonic_voyager/frenzy

soundcloud.com/official-conundrum/kshmr-jammu-conu… Hey there! Could you all please check this out? Thank you!

KSHMR-JAMMU (CONUNDRUM Remix) This is my entry for the Spinnin' Records Remix Contest for "JAMMU" from KSHMR. Enjoy! soundcloud.com/official-conundrum/kshmr-jammu-conundrum-remix


So my track just hit spotify!! superexited! would really appreciate some support!
or criticism if you dont like it...
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What's poppin its been a while
Check out my new track Inspired by Kendricks New Album!

To Pimp a Butterfly Instrumental Listen to To Pimp a Butterfly Instrumental by Gloom Maestro #np on #SoundCloud soundcloud.com/gloom-maestro/to-pimp-a-butterfly-type-instrumental

Just finished off this bad motherf*cker! really exited about the results! Let me know what ya think!


Administrator Good one bro 4 years ago
Joakim thanks man! 4 years ago

Wassup guys! Ive been working on this sommer/clubby kinda song these boring, cold winter days! Here`s the result! hope you like it!... Show more

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3月頃にアルゼンチン在住のartist「J ・P ・R N」の5曲収録のEPをrelease

muziq[J ・P ・R N]
art work[zinbei]

Hi, how have you been? I...
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3月頃にアルゼンチン在住のartist「J ・P ・R N」の5曲収録のEPをrelease<br /><br />xx/03/2015<br />muziq[J ・P ・R N]<br />soundcloud.com/inferedlovee<br />art work[zinbei]<br /><br />Hi, how have you been? I will release a new EP under 731records from Japan this march/2015.<br />Hope you like it and check it out! <br /><br />If you want to know more, please visit: <br /><br />731records.info/

Release for a Maxis record ?

Just finished this one! still trying to play around with diffrent sounds to find which sounds i enjoy the most, this one i really like! Leave a... Show more

So i´ve been working on, and improved an older project and came up with this!
Hope you guys like it!


Probably my best instrumental to date! Enjoy!


Probably my best work so far! Check it out and leave a comment!

Check my instrumentals if you already haven't done so! Cheers!


Hope everyone's doing well on this holiday. New track that's a bit out of my element, but I hope you all like it! Merry Christmas!

Eve Of A Lucid Christmas Hope everyone has a wonderful holiday. Stay chill! soundcloud.com/glenelle-clarke-ii/eve-of-a-lucid-christmas

Dropping a new track some time after new years. Be aware edm peeps instagram.com/p/wup8RWg1YX/ - preview